March 2021

David Hockney - The Old Master of Modern Art

From the early sixties, when he left the Royal College of Art more famous than his teachers, Hockney’s paintings have shown a charm and humour that sets them apart from others of his generation. A naturally gifted draftsman, his love of ingenious visual devices has led him to experiment with a whole range of techniques, from stage design to coloured paper making. From the early abstract expressionist images, through his famous Californian scenes of swimming pools to the photo-montages of the mid eighties, this lecture follows the career of an artist whose wit and imagination has never faltered.

The lecturer on this occasion is Douglas Skeggs. 

He is an art historian with an international reputation, specialising in the Impressionists. He has written an appreciation of Monet and four novels of suspense. He is in great demand as a lecturer and is rather good at ‘painting’ Old Masters himself. He read fine art at Magdalen college, Cambridge

March 11th at 1045 a.m.

Garrowby Hill by David Hockney
Spring Woldgate by David Hockney