Gwen John
Augustus John

November 2020

Augustus and Gwen John

Augustus and Gwen John were brother and sister, born in the west of Wales in the 1870s. Both studied at the Slade School of Art in London. His work has been called brash and shallow, and hers dismissed as fussy and spinsterish. These assessments are not really fair to either artist, and this lecture takes a careful look at their lives, up to the point of Gwen’s death in 1939. At that time, she had no public reputation whatsoever, and her brother was enjoying enormous professional and critical success. By the time he died, however, the positions had been reversed.

The lecturer on this occasion is Linda Smith

Linda Smith is a well-qualified art historian with a special interest in British art since 1550, and Modern Art.

She is an accredited Arts Society lecturer, and an experienced gallery guide and lecturer at Tate Britain, Tate Modern, and other public galleries. She is also a regular contributor to the London Art Studies website, an award-winning online learning platform specialising in art and art history.

The paintings below are all by Augustus John.

Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother
The Marchesa Casati
Dylan Thomas