Special Interest Days

Each year, the society arranges a number of Special Interest Days (SIDs) that give members an opportunity to learn about a subject at greater depth.  

A SID consists of two (sometimes three) one-hour talks, delivered by an Arts Society lecturer. They are held at Matthews Hall, with the first lecture starting at 10.30 and the day finishing at 1.00 or 3.00.

The Matthews Hall cafe serves tea, coffee and soft drinks, together with a variety of sandwiches.  There are plenty of alternative lunchtime options within a short walking distance, and on sunny days, sandwiches can be enjoyed in the Matthews Hall garden, on benches in Underway or at picnic tables at the Quay.




Our SIDs secretary is Gill McLean.

This year's programme

31 March 2022

Music in Art, led by Peter Medhurst, Cost £20

16 June 2022

Two Extraordinary Goldsmiths, led by John Benjamin,
Cost £30

15 September 2022

Fashion and Feathers, led by Tessa Boase Cost £30