Special Interest Days

Periodically throughout the year, the society arranges a special interest day that gives members an opportunity to study a subject at greater depth. We have a ‘SIDs’ secretary who is Sue Maunder and she arranges two or three study days in each lecture season.

The lecturers are chosen from The Arts Society directory, in accord with interests that have been expressed by members and decided by the committee. They may be recommended by other local Arts Societies, or be invited because of their national reputation.

A study day typically consists of two lectures, though sometimes there are three. The day starts with registration and coffee in time for the start of the first lecture at 10.30 a.m. at the Matthews Hall, and in the event of there being a third lecture, then there is a break for lunch at midday.

Catering arrangements are always published with the details and programme of each day. Members pay an additional fee for each ‘SID’ of £10

This year's programme

It is with great sadness that we announce that all Special Interest Days are postponed because of the Covid19 situation until 2022.