The Arts Society Plus


This year with its pandemic has not been kind kind to the arts in any form whether they be ‘Decorative and Fine’ or not. The performing arts are reduced to Punch and Judy on the beach if you are lucky. Certainly theatres seem closed for the foreseeable future. Music, whether at Glastonbury or the Proms at the Albert Hall are cancelled, and even singing, impossible with a face mask, has to be done in the bath. Even a visit to the museum or a gallery has to be done by appointment.

The large majority of our members are keen to support the programme of lectures starting in September. But there are others who have felt unable to commit themselves at this stage. for those members and others who want to learn more about the visual arts, whether in painting or in beautiful design and artefacts, there is so much available on the internet and these pages of the ExeDFAS website are designed to make it easy for members to find.

All members of ExeDFAS are affiliate members of The Arts Society, and have subscribed to the parent national body. The Arts Society (TAS) have prepared several short lectures and these can be accessed on these pages. As with all our own lectures, these are described in a short synopsis with a few remarks about the speaker. 

Many of our national galleries have in the past run a programme of ‘lunchtime’ lectures, that focus on the lives and work of a renowned artist, or they record a virtual tour of a part of the gallery, and these are recorded on the internet. And because the internet is part of the world wide web, then the facilities of the great galleries throughout the world from the Louvre to the Guggenheim are available to us.

This is a resource which can grow in the coming months.

So you are invited to take advantage of these pages. You don’t have to worry about social distancing or whether you need a fashionable face mask. It is something you do in the privacy of your own home at any time of day. You can avoid the crowds and the cost of entry. Just think you can have a private viewing of the Sistine chapel all to yourself, and that just with a click on your computer or iPad.

Please give it a try. If you know of other resources that members would find useful then please use the contact form below to let me know.