Vatican Museums

 If you have never visited the Vatican, this is your opportunity. It is designed to give visitors a preview of what to expect, and through VR (Virtual Reality) we get to visit these fabulous galleries with nobody to spoil a view – not a cardinal in sight!

There are fourteen galleries to visit.


Raphael's Room

Sistine Chapel

New Wing

Pio Clementino

Salone Sistino

Profane Museum

Pauline Halls

Chiaramonti Museum

Papyri Hall

Niccoline Chapel

Sistine Halls

Urban VIII Gallery

Alexandrine Hall

Chiaroscuri Room

Navigation and progress through each of the rooms is done by first using the ‘metallic’ arrow in the the middle of your screen. this will load the next stage. You can then turn up and down and right and left, and also approach and step back, using the bar on the bottom of the screen